Garden Cut is your access to ultra-convenient and deliciously healthy solutions for fresh-cut produce. Garden Cut is our specialty division, offering a vast variety of fresh cut fruits, vegetables and specialty items. Garden Cut goes far beyond the basics of fresh cut fruit or carrot sticks by offering more than 400 staple, contemporary and unique products!
Garden Cut Facility We are proud to offer:
  • Fresh-cut staple items like onions, peppers, apples and melons.

  • Unique selections like diced nopal (cactus leaf), Jicama with Chile & Lime, pomegranate arils (seeds), and fruit salads.

  • A certified organic processing facility with a full selection of certified organic offerings.

  • A Kosher-certified processing facility with a full selection of Kosher and Parva certified offerings.

  • Garden Grillers™, prepped and ready grilling and oven roasting kits. The line includes a range of items from an asparagus kit and a Fajita Mix to sweet potato chips and a Stir-fry Blend.

Garden Cut exists to assist you with your hectic schedule. Let Garden Cut take the stress out of meal preparation by providing you with only the freshest meal solutions available. From the time-consuming diced ingredients to apple wedges for all to share and enjoy, Garden Cut is always fresh and ready!
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